Before applying to serve me be sure that you have understood my words. In
particular, be sure to read between the lines then read through again so you
comprehend their true depth. View my images, indulge yourself and fulfill the
infinite urge that comes forth to contribute to my unique lifestyle.

Realize the probability of being perceived by me in any other way is infinitely
small. In reality there is no other option as you feed and magnify your lust.
Fact is, your undeniable lust will create so only one physical part of you
remains to function properly... your cock!

Only when my images have become ingrained and you yourself renounce all moral
concerns are you allowed to look around, to discover my wish list, and to contribute
your first post to my satisfaction. If you find yourself undecided, then
of course allow your inner 'coupon freak' persona to come forth.

Done? Good! Now you must read the following and inform yourself as to the next
important details:

I 'm not into psychos who imagine sharing their innermost, intimate and private
information. If I want blackmailing, it shall be my choice and I shall inform you
at the appropriate time!

It is I that chooses with whom, and with how I want to play! For this reason you can
renounce any intent of dictating requests in your mail. Never forget this reality:

Once again, for your little pea brain :

Only two things about you interest me; your cock and your account! Your wife, your
children... your entire family are not important to me! Seriously… no joke!!!

What are you willing to do for me! What are you willing to do so I can squander the
wealth you shall relinquish and that I deserve! These are all things that you need
to accept and come to terms with!

I like Mindfucking, to project my sadistic, absolute controlling essence into your
mind; to have so you contemplate acceptance of your ruin for my pleasure. Seriously,
your ruin for my benefit and consideration is imperative! Translation: I
care not that you willingly, wantonly… indeed that you helplessly place yourself into the
red for my pleasure and benefit. Truth is, it excites me and gives ME a hot kick!
Why should I have interest in your red numbers when I have my four-wheeled Benz in the

Do you understand now?
I tell you this truth so you are better able to comprehend what is expected of you…
the reality of your purpose and fate. *giggle

In coming closer to such an experience, you must go one last step in seeking such
privileged pleasure. Therefore do not tell me in your initial correspondance that
you are scared shitless or with fear. Instead, tell me honestly who you are and
convey your past experiences. Demonstrate you are mindful of your purpose and
explain how you shall be useful to me. I want to know exactly where your limits are.
I want to learn this from you only once, so give careful thought before taking
another step forward.

Your acknowledgment I of course expect via e-mail. Keep in mind I can not tolerate
babbling, especially as you'd likely not venture beyond Messenger anyway. Absolutely
strive to get my attention and remember I have interest only with those who are
capable of proving themselves worthy. In event you try to convey anything otherwise
because you think yourself clever... do not be surprised if your lack of integrity
results in no response *

You are permitted to apply for a position as my loyal pay slave, opportunity as
adorer ... a slave who serves me 24 hours a day completing chores and providing
other services that I have in mind, but at the moment have no intent to openly share
details of such.


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